Catalan Christmas Time

Would you like to enjoy a Christmas time in a traditional Catalan home?

Welcome to evohé! Barcelona

We are Eva and Olga. We were born in Barcelona. We are passionate about authentic cuisine and new dining experiences and we learnt all about Catalan Cuisine from our grandparents and parents. Our menu has the flavour of the Mediterranean and the essence of Catalonia. Tasty, fresh, with a personal touch and a lot of heart. Our Christmas time relish to Catalan traditions, emotion, feasts, and celebration. Warm, original and sophisticated. We invite you to taste an authentic Christmas feast in Barcelona, with “Villancicos” (Christmas carols) and a glamourous table among friends.

Barcelona top traditional Christmas dishes start with Cava Rosée with Christmas delights:

Micuit foie du canard with coulant and Port reduction

Shot of cream of shrimp

Scallop tartare with avocado cream

Crostini with mussel paté


“Sopa de Gallets” ( local speciality for Christmas days, large pasta shells “Gallets” stuffed with “Pilota” meat in a tasty stew broth)

Barcelona’s Cannelloni  (Barcelona high-end version feature with gratin truffle Bechamel Sauce and roasted meat)


For dessert,

Cava Sorbet with citrus


A big tray of “turrones” (nougat candies), “Neules” biscuits, chocolates candies and  “polvorones” as they are typically served


Cava Rosée & Cava Brut (Catalan Champagne)



Café and digestive liquor


We wish you the best Christmas in town!

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We are passionate about authentic cuisine and new dining experiences. To bring all this together, we have created Evohé! Barcelona, offering dining experiences at home. We are from Barcelona and we love our city. We will provide a taste of it for you while you enjoy a unique gastronomic experience amongst friends. Welcome at home!

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