It is your first time in Barcelona, or maybe you visited it many times, so you have to discover Barcelona at Christmas Time!

20191225 225055 Our Christmas Time relishes Catalan traditions, emotions, feasts, and celebrations. Warm, original, and sophisticated!

You will call me sentimental, but when Christmas is near, my mind travels to my childhood past that tastes of nougat, big feasts, concerts, ‘El Pessebre or Belén’ (crib nativity scene), thousand-coloured balls, gifts, and smiles, sweaters, and socks, to Santa Claus and the special traditional Three King’s cake.

In Barcelona, there is no shortage of visiting the traditional Christmas market, Feria de Santa Llúcia, in front of the Barcelona Cathedral, where we look for the missing pieces of the nativity scene and then visit the giant nativity scene in Plaça Sant Jaume.

In the Catalan language, ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’ is ‘Bon Nadal i Feliç Any Nou‘.

In Spanish language (Castellano) it’s ‘Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo‘.

Enjoy Christmas Eve with Eva & Olga

The most important day is Christmas Eve, but we celebrated everything! We welcome family and friends at home, dressed up with a Christmas element, tambourines, and Christmas carols, going out of tune and laughing. It is the prelude to a long night of partying. For many years, that date at my parents’ house was very popular and expected in the building. After dinner, my mother invited the neighbours to join the party.

We invite you to taste an authentic Christmas feast in Barcelona, with Christmas carols and a glamorous table among friends. Our top traditional Christmas dishes start with Catalan Champagne, and Christmas delights dinner! Later we follow with wines and liquors.

A journey through Catalan Christmas Cuisine in  Barcelona

We propose you a dining experience that brings us to the local traditions of Catalonia. Seasonal and fresh products from the local market, home-cooked with great care by two Catalan home chefs, Eva & Olga, following the delicious recipes of our grandparents.


For days, Olga and I planned the shopping, the decorations, small gifts and I prepared a real feast. A great appetizer with canapés, seafood, fresh foie gras, and so on. Then, the traditional Catalan Galets soup stuffed (large pieces of pasta that look like snail shells fill with meatballs), duck or lobster, or both, or the traditional cannelloni from Barcelona. Everything, accompanied by different wines, Catalan Champagne (Cava), and liqueurs.

And to lower the feast and before moving on to the desserts, a delicious compote, my mother’s recipe, or perhaps a lemon sorbet.

In the living room, three or four trays with doilies and tempting nougat, Nougat Powder Mantecados and rums, biscuit wafers, dried fruits, marzipan, and chocolates were waiting for us, as if they had come out of a pastry shop. If my cousins were there that day, we would do competitions with the biscuit wafers that we dipped in the Cava.

On Christmas Day the celebration continues, it could be at my grandparents ‘or my uncles’ house. And so on until the Three Kings Day, January 6. This is a happy Christmas!


And with that beautiful memory, this Christmas Time we will open the doors of our house to celebrate the holidays in a very special way, with unknown guests from any corner of the world, who as the night passes, they will become very special friends. We will meet, talk, and have a great time!

The Caga Tió, a fun tradition at Catalan Christmas Time

One of the most anticipated Christmas traditions of children in Catalonia is the Caga Tió and is celebrated on the night of December, 24th.

The Tió de Nadal is a wooden boot that wears the typical barretina (traditional Catalan hat), two legs, a smiling face and always covered with a blanket. The youngest ones will have to take care of it the days before Christmas Eve, tucking it in and offering food so that the latter can bring the gifts on a festive night. The tradition marks that the smallest ones must hit the Tió with a cane while singing a song so that the Christmas presents come out of it.

If you decide to come and enjoy Catalan Christmas Time with Eva & Olga, just book your seat!

We are waiting for you and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

We wish you the best Christmas Time in town!

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