I will tell you a little story that describes well the why and the origin of the name Evohé.

evohé was a ceremonial cheer that echoed the priestesses in the Bacchanalia, in honor of Bacchus (Roman mythological god of wine) and Dionysus (the Greek equivalent).

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Evohé! A cry of joy

The early cult was exclusively by women for women, in memory of our mother Eve. Introduced into Rome, the bacchanalia were held in secret and took place five times a month. In Greece, the Bacchae were called Eva, also derived from evohé. Today, evohé means also ovation.


This ancient word is understood and spelled the same in all countries where there has been a historical influence of Greece and Rome.

Current carnivals are a legacy of these orgies. In Brazil, evohé is a cry of joy.

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Could we find a word with more poetry and meaning to our project?

evohé, a cheer, a toast to life, a standing ovation. The joy of celebrating. A secret celebration, created by women, priestesses who called Eva. And finally, in evohé, we saw our names drawn, Eva and OlgaCan we ask for more?


May the celebration a success!

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4 thoughts on “evohé! A toast to life

  1. Love the explanation about who you chose the name, evohe ! I knew it had to be meaningful. My husband Thomas and I attest that your joint efforts, cooking have proven to be meaningful, too. The dining experience you have created was a high point of our recent trip to Barcelona! Until next time!

    1. Thank you for your comment Robin!

      Find the name Evohé was fated because the word is no longer used. When we learned its meaning, we can not imagine a better name for our project! We are very happy because it has much to do with us. A hug for you and Thomas!

      Eva & Olga

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