Our Barcelona Salad

Mesclum, cured organic goat cheese, quince, pomegranate, pine nuts and honey vinaigrette


Ingredients (4 people):

300g. Cured organic goat cheese

100 g. varied lettuce

2 c / s pine nuts, lightly toasted

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Ingredients for the vinaigrette:

100 g. quince

4 c / s virgin olive oil

2 c / c balsamic vinegar

2 c / c old-style mustard (granulated)

Salt and pepper


Prepare the vinaigrette quince crushing it into a paste and mix in a closed pot, with the other ingredients. Reserve.

Mix with lettuce and pine nuts. Dress with the vinaigrette.

Gluten Caution: important to check that all ingredients used are gluten

Abbreviations: c / s = tablespoon c / c = teaspoon

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