We invite you to A Journey through the Catalan Cuisine in the heart of Barcelona, a dining experience that brings us to the local traditions of Catalonia. Delicious dishes home cooked with great care by us, two Catalan home cooks, following the recipes of our grandparents, but with a personal and contemporary twist and much love.

A delicious menu at home with local people 

We will serve you a menu elaborated with high quality ingredients: Organic farm products, fresh, seasonal, and proximity products. We buy in the fresh Concepción market, a very well-known market near here.

As pillars of our Mediterranean diet, we cook and serve the meal with extra virgin olive oil from the estate of my family, Can Companyó, in the catalan region l’Empordà. Also,  you will taste artisan bread, with tomato and oil.


To whet the appetite, as we get to know one another, we start this menu with welcome “vermut” with some light tapas like “Gildas”, a tasty combination with spicy green  chillies, stuffed olives, anchovies… An homage to the starred actress Rita Hayworth in the 50s. As the actress this “tapa” is “hot and sexy”!

Our delicious Gildas! @evohebarcelona

A dinner for foodies travelers

Then dinner at the table. We start with a special Gazpacho, a cold soup with selected vegetables, crostinis with mussel pate or “Escalivada” emulsion with anchovy. Then we follow with a very Catalan fresh salad with cured goat cheese and quince vinaigrette and the main course, “Empedrat” of Santa Pau beans with “esqueixat” cod and crudités with mint and limeAll of this accompanied by Catalan-style bread with tomato.

Serie 1 empedrat

And for dessert, something very Catalan, with our own twist: Bite size portions of aromatic “crema catalana” with a purple grape coulis.

This menu We serve you with Cava (Catalan Champagne), a perfect companion to the whole meal.

We finish this wonderful journey with espresso and an excellent conversation to become friends at the end of the night.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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