We invite you to a journey through the Catalan Cuisine in the heart of Barcelona, a dining experience that brings us to the local traditions of Catalonia.

A dining experience with local people 


We are an enthusiastic team about authentic Catalan cuisine. We open our home to share with you a uniquely intimate dining experience.

Our story with Evohé! Barcelona revolves around the passion for life, culture, and creativity, and everything that unites us: Our lives, the family, Barcelona, travel around the world, gastronomy, friendship, hospitality, multiculturalism, and solidarity.

These are some main ingredients of our happiness, which are also an intrinsic part of our values.

What fascinates us most about organizing special experiences for our guests is that every day is a surprise. Cooking for strangers in our own home is all part of the fun, and we ended up making some great new friends.

You do not know whom you will meet, neither of us, and that always keeps our butterflies awake in the stomach. Every dinner is a celebration of a unique moment, the feeling we are traveling around the world with you in our own home. Travel with us and discover the delicious flavors of Catalonia.

Eva: «As a historian and writer, I love explaining to my guest’s stories, traditions, and customs of my country, but I also love to give ‘tips’ for restaurants, festivals, parties, which are a “must” in Barcelona. We want you to leave our house to have had a truly special experience!»

Catalan’s recipe for cuisine is a mixture of both tradition and vanguard. We discover the local Barcelona’s cuisine by tasting its star dishes!

Olga: «There aren’t many places like Barcelona. We love our city where we were born, and we know its secrets! We invite you to travel with us and discover the delicious flavors and culture of Barcelona and Catalonia. Barcelona is part of our lives and is fully reflected in our dinners. We cook dishes that are part of the local tradition».

How do we make our dinners so special?


Eva: «We elaborate our whole event as if we were going to celebrate a unique moment with our loved ones, and so we tried to transmit it to each of our guests. Let them feel at home, welcomed by two good friends who will give them the best of their cuisine and open the doors of Barcelona».

Blending our Catalan heritage, our dishes are based around local ingredients and a combination of classic and more innovative flavors. We took as a starting point the cuisine that we had inherited from our Catalan ‘contemporary grandma’. We love to put into value this cuisine, a blend of traditional culinary, with the new trends and techniques of modern cuisine, made with seasonal and local ingredients.

We just cook with high-quality ingredients that we buy in the fresh market, organic farm products, fresh, seasonal, and proximity products.

A six-course menu (included a welcome vermouth & light tapa) paired with different wines and Cava (Catalan sparkling wine) from small wineries and wine cellars with tradition.

Our 6-course Catalan cuisine menu


In this journey through the Catalan Cuisine, we will serve you a menu elaborated with high-quality ingredients: Organic farm products, fresh, seasonal, and proximity products. We buy in the fresh Concepción market, a very well-known market near here.

Delicious dishes from Catalan cuisine home-cooked with great care by us, two Catalan home cooks, Eva & Olga, recognized among the best local chef host in Barcelona, following the recipes of our grandparents, but with a personal and contemporary twist and much love.

Before dinner, it’s time for vermouth!

For Catalans, “Fer vermut” suggests the ritual of getting together for a drink and light tapas, small portions of heaven that often eclipse the pleasure of the meat that follows.

A dinner for foodies travelers

evohé! una experiencia singular

We love to cook “Gazpachos”, delicious creams, fresh mesclum with organic goat cheese and quince vinaigrette, fish like our beautiful version of low-temperature cod with confit mushrooms and cauliflower cream, or maybe some delicious seafood paella, crostinis of Escalivada’s emulsion (roast vegetables) with anchovy, or our celebrated crusted Catalan cream, but also creating specialties on the fly.

As good Catalans, we love to mix going out of the ordinary, like cooking meat mixed with seafood, a specialty of Catalan cuisine “Mar & Montaña”. “Pa amb tomàquet” (Catalan-style bread with tomato and olive oil) is a must on our table.

As pillars of our Mediterranean diet, we cook and serve the meal with extra virgin olive oil from the estate of my family, Can Companyó, in the Catalan region l’Empordà (Girona, Spain).


And for dessert, something very Catalan, with our own twist: Bite size portions of aromatic Catalan cream with Grenache wine liquor.

This menu We serve you with Cava (Catalan Champagne), a perfect companion to the whole meal.

We finish this wonderful journey with espresso and an excellent conversation to become friends at the end of the night.

Why should you eat with locals? The secret of a fantastic meal

If you are visiting Barcelona, dining in great company is often the secret ingredient that transforms an already tasty dish into a fantastic meal. Add dining with locals to the mix, and you’ve got the recipe for a truly unforgettable experience.

What is it about eating with locals that make the experience so special? Let’s dig right into that delicious question.


You’ll get a unique insight into the local culture and learn what it’s really like to live here. Your local host can answer questions you might have about things you’ve seen, tell you what a day in their life is really like, and even share their best tips for discovering the city like a true local.

Make this journey through Catalan cuisine with Eva and Olga (Evohé! Barcelona) and You will not forget this fantastic culinary experience.

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