Are you looking for a truly special experience? Something unique? Discover our original walking tour and tapas.  The hidden jewels of Modernism in Barcelona and taste gourmet tapas at Eva and Olga’s!


Evohé! Barcelona walking tour is not just a classical route

It is a very special walking tour that unites art with gastronomy.

A cultural walk tour with a historian and gourmet tapas at the home of a local chef and host. And it is not a route only for tourists. It is a walk for all local people who want to discover the Modernist jewels hidden by the Eixample, a true modernist open-air museum in Barcelona.

Tempt you? Keep reading and take good notes!

Discover the hidden gems of Modernism architecture and relish vermouth with tapas at Eva & Olga’s house. This is a unique walking tour to discover the best of Barcelona as a privileged local.

Eva, a historian, and writer, who was born and resides in the modernist district of the Eixample of Barcelona, ​​offers you to taste some of the most impressive Modernist facades that even the locals do not know. You will learn the secrets and curiosities of the fascinating lesser-known buildings, in the most cosmopolitan and vibrant quarter of Barcelona.

Get ready to observe the beautifully sculpted in the Modernist district of Barcelona!

A walking tour of approximately 2 hours (from 10 am to 12 pm) in which Eva will explain to you the architectural and artistic details and the anecdotes of the families that inhabited these masterpieces, you will not find on the tourist routes:

Gourmet tapas tasting in Eva and Olga’s home

The walking tour culminates in Eva and Olga’s beautiful 1930s flat in the Eixample. You will taste delicious, classic, and innovative gourmet tapas accompanied by local vermouth, a 19th C apéritif that now has become a trendy ritual in Barcelona, an excuse for meeting up friends and family. Every vermouth time is a celebration of a unique moment, a feeling of traveling around the world in their home.


Besides being a writer and historian, Eva is a cook! With her, you will learn about the customs, the local traditions through gastronomy. With her partner Olga, they are an enthusiastic team about authentic Catalan cuisine. Live this ritual in Eva and Olga’s house is a unique and very special experience. Travel with them and discover the delicious flavors of Catalonia. Just come and enjoy it!

The Vermouth, a special ritual in Barcelona

The vermouth, as we say, is the prelude to festive food. A good excuse to meet friends and family but, in addition, it is a ceremony to whet your appetite.

Eva will tell you here some curiosities, for example, that you have to travel ​​before the Spanish Civil War (1936), to know that the first vermouth of the city was served in “Vermut Torino”, in a wonderful modernist place in town that arrived from Italy. The Catalans went crazy with this flavored wine and began to make their own vermouth.


A few years ago, this fashion returned to stay, so that today in the city you can find many specialized “Vermuterías” offering more than 100 types of this invigorating drink. In fact, we even have a Vermouth Museum in the Tarragona town of Reus that you should not miss, if you want to become an expert in this.

The base of this apéritif is a white wine to which a neutral brandy is added and flavored with the distillation of different botanical ingredients. It can be between 30 and 80 ingredients, which determine the quality, aromas, and flavors. Sweet, sour, dry, bitter, white, black…

You have to taste it!

A walking tour to discover the best of Barcelona architecture


  1. The walk starts at 10 am in Hotel Casa Fuster 5* GL, a Modernist masterpiece located in Passeig de Gràcia 132.
  2. The vermouth at 12 pm, in Eva & Olga flat, Còrsega St., near the buildings you will visit.

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